Le Chic Beauty Academy

Le Chic Beauty Academy is a beauty academy owned by Yvonne El-Charif that is dedicated to training new professionals in the world of beauty and personal care. With the help of Reliable Tax & Bookkeeping Services and its founder Violeta Rivas, Yvonne managed to overcome several financial and tax challenges she faced in the early years of her business.

Le Chic Beauty Academy is one of the most recognized beauty academies in the city, owned by entrepreneur Yvonne El-Charif. From a young age, Yvonne had a passion for the world of beauty, and always knew she wanted to make a difference in the industry. With a strong background in aesthetics and skin care, Yvonne dedicated herself to teaching future beauty professionals in her own academy.

However, owning a beauty academy was not easy. Yvonne faced several challenges to keep her business running. One of the most pressing issues Yvonne faced was managing the academy’s finances. As an entrepreneur, Yvonne did not have much knowledge in accounting and finance, which led her to make uninformed and often incorrect decisions.

In addition, Le Chic Beauty Academy faced increasingly fierce competition in a saturated beauty market. The academy struggled to maintain its student retention rate, which was a major challenge for Yvonne and her team.

It was then that Yvonne decided to seek outside help. With the recommendation of a friend, Yvonne contacted Reliable Tax & Bookkeeping Services. Violeta Rivas, the company’s founder and CEO, met with Yvonne and carefully analyzed her company’s needs.

The Reliable Tax & Bookkeeping Services team worked closely with Yvonne to reorganize her business. First, they focused on the financial management of the academy, which allowed Yvonne to make more informed and strategic decisions. In addition, they handled tax and financial reporting, which freed up time for Yvonne to focus on her passion: teaching and training future beauty professionals.

Thanks to the help of Reliable Tax & Bookkeeping Services, Le Chic Beauty Academy was able to increase its student retention rate and enhance its reputation in the beauty community. Yvonne El-Charif now has more time to pursue her true passion and feels more confident and prepared to face challenges that may arise in the future.

With the help of Reliable Tax & Bookkeeping Services, Yvonne has been able to grow her beauty academy and expand her course offerings and services. The academy now has a team of highly trained aesthetics and skin care experts, and offers a wide range of training and certification programs.

Le Chic Beauty Academy has become a benchmark in the beauty industry, and Yvonne El-Charif is proud to have achieved her dream of making a difference in the lives of her students and the community at large.


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