Unfiled tax returns

If you voluntarily file your delinquent returns, you are likely to avoid further problems in addition to having to pay interest and penalties.

Every day, the huge IRS computer center becomes more sophisticated, it’s only a matter of time before they catch up with you.

This is not a situation to take lightly, failing to file your tax returns is a criminal offense. If you fail to file, you can be prosecuted and punished with potential jail time, one year for every year you fail to file. Why risk potentially losing your freedom for not filing your tax returns?

Let us give you the peace of mind you deserve by helping you comply with the law. If you voluntarily file your late returns, you will likely avoid further problems in addition to having to pay interest and penalties.

If you expect the IRS to file your returns for you, they will be filed in the government’s best interest, usually with few or none of the deductions to which you are entitled.

Before anything can be done to get you out of this situation, all returns must be filed. You must be current. In most cases, you will likely owe taxes, interest and penalties after the returns are filed. Once we see how much is owed, we will set up a course of action to get you out of trouble!

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